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Cheap Custom Ambient Light for PC

The Ambilight that I’ve built is completely DIY and uses RGB LEDs with integrated controllers and an Arduino. Lights will change based on what you have in your screen.

Components Used

  • Arduino (Nano is preferred Cost: INR 300/-, I already had the big one so Cost: INR 0/-)
  • RGB LED Strip (Cost: INR 350/-)
  • LED 5V Power Adapter (Cost: INR 250/-)
  • Frame for setting up the LED Strip (Cost: INR 200/-)

This setup is very cheap but only works on a PC. You cannot use this for your Blu-ray player or standalone TV. This could work on an Android TV but not tested.

Below is the final working version,

And here are some pics of the completed product,

By Aravind NC

I love nothing more than challenging my skills as both designer and developer, it is both my hobby and my profession. I believe this makes me an exciting guy to work with as I am constantly pushing my skills and striving for perfection.

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