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Nehru Visits Thiruvananthapuram 1958 in 4K Color Restoration using Deep Learning AI

This is my first attempt of video restoration with deep learning AI models.

Processing done
– Denoising/Deinterlacing/Restoration with fewer motion artifacts and video detail recovery using AI Enhanced models.
– Colorization using deep learning AI models.
– 4K 60fps conversion.

Input: 640×360/672×504 @ 25fps in B/W
Output: 3140×2160 @ 60fps in Color

You can view original source videos from here:


Behind the video,
For the first time since the Communist assumption of power in the state of Kerala, India, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru has paid an official state visit.

His first point of call was at Trivandrum, the capital where he was met by the Governor of the State, Mr Ramakrishna Rao (wearing the cap) and the Communist Chief Minister Mr. E.M.S. Nambudripad. The Governor garlanded Mr. Nehru as he stepped down from the plane, and shook hands. Then flowers and Arti (candle lights) were offered in Kerala traditional, fashion, and 68 pigeons were released to follow the one Mr. Nehru released, the whole to symbolize Mr. Nehru’s 69 years of peaceful life.

On the way into the town shouting crowds lined the route ‘Nehru Zindabad’ they called – Long Live Nehru – Later Mr. Nehru inaugurated the Mahatma Gandhi College in Trivandrum.

Here is the final rendering,

By Aravind NC

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